Our Clients

Since our earliest days, we have brought experience and our specialist customised approach into everything and every job from start-ups to blue-chip companies with that same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement.

We have been devoting our hearts and minds to our clients, achieving great successes and building lasting relationships

Some of our clients are:-

  • Hello Products Limited( Jagal Group),
  • Northern sugar company Limited Kano,
  • Gusua sweet company Zamfara,
  • Strong Pack Limited producer of RC Cola drinks,
  • A&P Foods Limited (Pladis) Lagos Nigeria,
  • Honeywell PLC,
  • Sonnex packaging Limited
  • BASF, (Master Builders) Lagos.
  • Nigeria Bottling Company Cocacola chellenic.
  • Penta Beverages India,
  • Stratagem group Nigeria
  • Nigeria Distilleries (NDL Group)
  • Olam Group
  • Process Design India
  • Nigeria Distilleries Limited, (NDL)
  • Supreme Distilleries Limited (SDL)
  • Frutta Juice and Service Limited
  • CAP PLC Dulux Paint
  • SevenUp  Bottling Company (SBC).
  • Process Design India
  • RUYAT Oil Limited   
  • Nigerite Limited ( ETEX Group)
  • Sygen Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Alliance Distilleries Limited
  • Avon Crown Caps and Container Limited
  • Colexa Biosensor Limited