Radijok Nigeria Limited creates a systematic approach to maintain, calibrate, installation, service sustainment and keeping client’s operations at the top performance with our well trained skilful professionals.

About Us

Radijok Nigeria Limited (RNL) is an engineering Services Company; we are fully into General Engineering services, Construction/Builder, Technical Training, (Electrical/Electronics. Mechatronics, Instrumentation/ Automation, Technical Operatives/Operators).


Radijok Ultimate Global Limited (RUGL).

RUGL is an AI-based Predictive Maintenance  and Engineering Company.

RUGL uses AI-based systems to detect anomalies, identifies fault modes and predicts equipment failures before it happens, helping to prevent asset failures, reduce unplanned downtime, increase production efficiency and improve the workplace safety.

We are experts in technical procurement both of spare parts and raw material sourcing, certified measuring instruments, Calibration, ISO certification auditing preparation, equipment installation, commissioning and upgrading.

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Our Team

All our staffs are thoroughly trained and exposed technically to engineering/manufacturing operations and equipment maintenance (multi skilling), calibration, with all the safety procedures for all the engineering/manufacturing.

Our Goal

Our goal/culture is to give positive service to all our customers, effective availability, with swift response to our customers challenges, our versatile experience and well trained exposed professionals in manufacturing, food processing, oil services and agro allied industries  are capable of delivering best manufacturing service with your equipment, precision/accuracy, eliminate downtime and spare part management.